health quiz

Tracemydoctor publishes quiz periodically to make its clients aware of important medical topics in order to enhance their general understanding.

The quiz also enables people understand and memorizeĀ  some clinically important values and guidelines therefore helping them to monitor theirĀ  own respective cases.


Let's know about this diabetic mega molecule which will help you fight against this dreaded disease which has gripped about 7% of adult population in India with an average onset age being 42.5years. It is a glycated (having glucose) haemoglobin molecule. It supersedes over other screening test for diabetes as it covers a period of time against a point of time. This quiz will enable you understand its importance in keeping a check on diabetes .


What is your total cholesterol? Any idea? Well,if you don’t know ,try to get it known.Just call any pathology service provider and get  it checked as you should be knowing that even cholesterol charts for children are well established in health conscious societies. And if you want to dig deeper, go for the breakup (LDL,HDL,Triglycerides) of  cholesterol in your body.

Here is a basic quiz for you to make you aware of cholesterol and your health,especially the health of your  heart.

The quiz is oriented in such a way to enable you know the important things / values about cholesterol and make you healthy by monitoring its levels yourself. 

TRACEMYDOCTOR will be delighted to help you on this cumulative journey of protecting your heart and health.


Well, are you fit, fat or obese?

How aware you are about your body's status regarding its fat content?

Obesity is obvious as it shows itself as a disease but being fat is tricky as you may not be accepting it easily living in illusion of being just  plump within limits.

Team Tracemydoctor presents a quiz here that will help you overcome this borderline illusory state with some relevant statistics which may enable you categorize your body truly as fit ,fat or obese.


We all need proper guided screening tests to catch the diseases early.How can the laggard attitude of humans be explained which deliberately make them ignore their changing health status despite of some very early signals of discomfort in their bodies? But they should know that the sunlit path of ideal health passes through a judicious screening-checkpoint  for the inspection of diseases at risk according to their prevalence, gender specificity and age of onset.

Tracemydoctor  advises all ladies to go through screening as advised by their doctors.They shouldn't forget to ask them if there really exists a need to screen their status?

The quiz here correlates your age, prevalent diseases ideal for screening and some numerical values to help you get oriented to some extent.

Readers are requested to go through flipside of screening for deeper insight.