Lack of holism & over-treatment

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Are the doctors over-treating their patients? Are the consultants and super specialists increasingly  behaving like mountebanks in the era of failing healing wisdom and  therefore propagating over-treatment in the process? I hope they are not doing this act of negligence on their part.

Well, looking into the deeper picture, one can clearly see a fabricated prosthesis limping across the corridors of medical fraternity.There is an identity crisis all over. A rat race is on, with a hurried ambitious lust of becoming a big shot in the arena of medical premises,making them lose their reason and judgement in the process.

The Gatekeepers are no more  able to keep the doors safe and healthy as the everchanging and surmounting R&D overwhelms the consultants at the tertiary level,leave aside the poor primary care personnel. The connection between primary and tertiary systems of healing are fast disintegrating as the cost of treatment soars up the sky because of poor planning and vested interests.And the adventures of pharmacy adds to this chaos and pity.

In this atmosphere of discomposure, the demon called ‘over-treatment’ rises out  of arrogance and helplessness on the part of our medical professionals. Arrogance, because they overlook the basic principles of our masters, deluded by the false pride of scanning vast medical literature  and helplessness, coming out of ever continuous generation, elimination/refutation and regeneration of new hypotheses  in medical R&D overburdening even the most hardworking and sincere practitioner.

The demon knows that the healing infrastructure is discriminated and compartmentalized in addition to lacking holism , the binding principle. In spite of lead-time check-ups, screening intelligence and subclinical acumen, a conditioned ignorance hinders right clinical judgement in the very earliest stages of discomfort reported by the patients.

On looking closer, this poorly conditioned medical expertise ranges from Popper’s refutationism, which  undermines clinical decision- making by limiting it only to best available empirical evidence without any reasoning to self-contained deductive logic with poor premise and no extrapolating abilities. Even the Bayesian induction is helpless to some extent unless an intense individualization is practiced in each case.

An absolute lack of aptitude for reasoning and inferring from extrapolation of the earliest narration of discomforts by the patients in his own words, make them lose the first true opportunity of medical intervention.This inaptitude on the part of certain therapeutic methods where they are unable to relate these very early peculiar and individualistic verbal-symptoms of discomfort to any evidences around make them helpless in preponing the lead-time period to the left on its timeline.Thus the detection of discomfort/disease is delayed.

Moreover, an all prevailing  ego forbids a referral around to other complementary treatment methods where the first reaction coming from patient’s mind and his narrative could easily detect the discomfort even before the conventional lead -time for the patients at risk.A single peculiar statement from horse’s mouth could start the journey to ideal cure.The physicians should develop this aptitude of extrapolating and reasoning out the very first information report coming out of patient’s mind.But a laggard attitude on the part of physician forces the poor patient to wait helplessly for the development of evident clinical picture and start of treatment after the clinical diagnosis,where the probability of overtreating him with drugs increases manifold because of late intervention.

Now as higher up the poor patient moves in the system,more the demon drains him ultimately giving him iatrogenic organ failures in the name of most advanced treatments making him wonder where on the way he lacked sincerity in fighting against his disease. He did report to the primary care on  first appearance of his discomfort with all verbal acuity possible. And as the sick is confused and the healing is in disarray, overtreatment is poisoning him to such a deceptive state where it is impossible to judge the true killer, if it is the disease or the drugs?

All that aforesaid view may sound very paradoxical and bombastic but it is crystal clear when  one analyzes the data of hospital visits ,in any particular disease, where most of the cases show up for a medical advice during the earliest stages only as that is the time when the first deviations from the comfort zone of his mind and body  puts him on highest alert. But the physician mishears him as the narration of his discomfort is non-specific and not physically/clinically oriented so that he just can’t relate his narration to any of the available medical evidences around, because of its subtlety.

The big question is that who is responsible for it? In my opinion the dominant school of main-stream conventional medicine, the big brother, should take this responsibility as it gets the most patient-exposure and forward least early referrals to other methods of treatment.Therefore propagating the most of untoward effects of medication in the process.Iatrogenic catastrophe abounding in their medical records confirms to this humble affirmation.

The emphasis to cure is poorly placed and mistimed in relation to various methods of treatment and their acuity of intervention. All the methods are here to treat the sick within their scope and limits.We just need to explore the right time of intervention for them to take action.It is not only the physicians’ responsibility to catch the discomfort the earliest but an extraordinary state of awareness on the part of patient is equally needed to perceive the preliminary signals of discomfort.

 A holistic cooperation is badly needed among various schools of therapeutic methods in order to overcome  the limitations of a particular method and to give the best of our services to the suffering humanity.If we do this, we will surely avoid the burden of overtreatment and keep a check on this demon.

Tracemydoctor is judiciously open to all established schools of therapeutics to execute its plans of action thus minimizing over-treatment.


by BLUE LOTUS, at Tracemydoctor

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  1. It is very nicely explained about the true picture of our health awareness and expertise.
    I hope we get more scientifically holistic in approach of treatment.

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