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Tracemydoctor publishes health-tips for its revered clients in order to orient themselves on the road to ideal health.

These tips given here should be correlated with their biomedical profile before putting any advice into practice.


Benefits of egg

“An egg a day keeps the doctor away” ?

Well,the egg white is all fine(except the fact that avidin in raw egg white reduces the availability of biotin) to gulp it down but the fear factor lies in the egg’s yolk being rich in many nutrients besides cholesterol(an egg contains 185 mg of cholesterol).

But a good news has come recently from a large Chinese trial  done in Peking which says that there is a risk -reduction by 26%  in haemorrhagic stroke and a risk-reduction by 18%  in death due to cardiovascular disease for people who took  almost an egg per day, establishing an association between moderate level of egg consumption and an overall reduction in cardiac events.

But before blasting this myth about deadly cholesterol contained in an egg and declaring a new  slogan ‘AN EGG A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY’, let’s see what the experts in the field say about this study.

They believe that in the first place it is very difficult to determine the part any single element in our diet plays in modifying the risk factor in cardiac diseases and secondly the amount of egg taken by people in the trial has been very low so a cause and effect relationship couldn’t be made as such.

However these findings do suggest that taking at least one egg a day is not associated with any raised cardiovascular events and at best up to an egg a day may keep the doctor away besides giving other nutritional benefits of egg.

Tracemydoctor advises the eggetarian(a vegetarian who also eats eggs) having a total blood cholesterol less than 200mg, to take an egg every alternate day with at least 50 gm of greenstuff (lettuce/spinach) in the breakfast avoiding further fats if they could throughout the day keeping  their recommended daily dietary intake of 300mg of cholesterol under control.

 Good heart health  is a cumulative process and the earlier you take notice of your dietary intake,better it will be for your overall health.