This page will  remove your  reluctance and enhance confidence in the unique double shielded holistic approach of Tracemydoctor on the road to ideal cure.

Q. What is your concept of ideal cure?

ANS- Ideal cure is a multifaceted concept which  comprises of many guiding factors during the process of healing. Some of them are as follows:

  • Degree of adherence to evidence-based medicine, standard guidelines and CDSS (clinical decision support system) in treatment strategies on the part of physician.
  • Degree of patient’s involvement in clinical shared-decision making.
  • Degree of matching patient’s condition with appropriateness of treating modality with respect to timing of intervention and natural history of disease.
  • Consideration of benefit to risk ratio at each intervening step.
  • The amount/intensity of dosage given.
  • State of patient-compliance.
  • The scale of untoward/side- effects.
  • Time taken for complete cure.
  • Percentage of target driven goals achieved.
  • Permanency of cure.
  • The economy of treatment. etc.                                                                                                                                   Tracemydoctor aims at achieving ideal cure with the healthiest aforesaid parameters.  

Q. You are talking about many therapeutic methods,are you going to mix them all?

ANS- Tracemydoctor’s soul resides in all evidence based medicine.The  facility of many therapeutic methods is for a wider choice of treatment.We practice only one therapeutic method at a time but at the same time we are open to others so that we reach our goal of ideal cure with an holistic approach with highest success rates.

Q. What do you monitor in your monitor-plan?

ANS-  We monitor a number of variables which may arise or change during the course of treatment which are as follows:

  • Changing psycho-social influences during the course of treatment. 
  • Adherence to treatment.
  • Changing biomedical parameters/ health scores.
  • Relevance of investigations advised at the referral centre.
  • Limitations of particular treatment method and approach.
  • Development of untoward/side- effects.
  • Right time of switch-over of therapy.
  • Efficacy of the Treatment plan.
  • Performance of the referral centre.
  • The cost effectiveness of the the treatment method, etc.                                                                                                                  

Q. Why do you refer a case ,why don’t you treat the case at Tracemydoctor?

ANS- Team Tracemydoctor neither treats nor sells any products related to the prevention and treatment of the case.Its sole purpose is to guide, plan and monitor the case so that it reaches an ideal cure in least possible time and expenditure with minimum untoward efffects.Our efforts are much concentrated in a predefined direction as perceived by our concept of ideal cure in order to keep an eagle’s eye over the progress of healing strategies.