Art Of Medicine

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Well, before understanding the Art of Medicine, let’s ponder over these videos…

       So by now you must be having an idea of art of medicine or in other words art in medicine.You can see that it ranges from tears in doctor’s eyes to a ‘Parkinsonian dance’.

 It is actually something beyond the robotic technicalities of medicinal/surgical paraphernalia, it has nothing to do with the conditioning of hi-tech hospitals and moreover it has no relation with target-driven medical approach.It is absolute,transcendental and boundless.And mind you, it is very cost-effective too and if you are lucky enough,you may get it all free.

It starts immediately as the doctor has the very first look at his/her patient with the virtues of humanity, humility and totality and ends in healing the sick at all levels of mind ,body and soul with an all holistic goal.

These virtues are very difficult to practice in real medical situations as the mindset for target-driven goals takes most of the efforts of doctors and in the process they find no time to practice the art of medicine. In  spite of such a helpless situation, the growing awareness  and evidences about the magical  effects of practicing such virtues in treating patients especially with long sufferings in chronic conditions/diseases has shown a well lit pathway on the road to complete recovery for the sufferers.

And this virtue of art of medicine is like a halo around the doctors who practice it from their hearts.The more you practice , the bigger it gets.

The  requisites for crowning yourself with this majestic halo is to fill in yourself to the brim with this elixir of humanity,humility and totality..Now I am not saying that doctors or other medical professionals who don’t have this halo around themselves lack these virtues ,but they should always try to grow it bigger by practicing it at every opportunity.Well, where is time for it? One may surely ask . In that case ,may I request you all the learned professionals to save some time in your clinics and hospitals for sharing these attitudes/attributes of affection, benevolence ,care , humility and totality with everybody around to spread the magical healing touch of the art in medicine.

These virtues can be developed if you  work on some ethical guidelines forwarded by TRACEMYDOCTOR which help you develop the best medical ethics in order to get the best results at your work place.  So from now onwards let’s apply once more with much vigour and vitality the system of moral principles that apply values to the practice of clinical medicine.Let’s rejuvenate medical ethics for once and for all.

to be continued…

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