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 Founder at Tracemydoctor, Dr. Durga Shankar is a highly experienced  physician with a humane approach towards his patients having an attitude  of diligence for the ideal cure.

 It all started in his mind when during his practice, he realized and witnessed the failure or success with detrimental effects of any misapplied treatment/healing method  because of its poor timing of intervention and lack of understanding of its proper scope  relating to the exact course of disease in the body.He also observed that overlooking the possibility of other gentler methods of cure with a lack of holism added to grievances.

He also recognized that judicious intervention by the most appropriate treating modality matching the stage of discomfort/disease is the only way to avoid catastrophe of overtreatment.

Durga Shankar is a strong proponent of patient-autonomy in shared decision making to reduce variation in healthcare activity.He believes that ideal cure can only be achieved by developing a robust attitude of accepting patient’s preference and curbing down physician’s authoritative perspective in treating his cases.

In addition to this, he observes a somewhat frantic healthcare systems of developing countries where the service provided is so disorganized.The overloaded system has no time to follow a planned action for prevention, treatment and monitoring.The tertiary level care is highly compartmentalized and remain in a botch-mode when dealing with multi-organ failure.

He strongly believes in strengthening the primary level (gate-keeping) with the elixir of holism in order to reduce the already overburdened and poorly discharging higher levels of care.

In this atmosphere of medical chaos and growing medical negligence due to  lack of planned medical services and poor answerability in cases of failure, the concept of Tracemydoctor was conceived and headed by Dr. Durga Shankar.


       Team Tracemydoctor is well equipped with qualified  expertise in the field of main-stream medicine, ayurveda, homeopathy, applied nutritional medicine, clinical psychology, physiotherapy and yoga.The team is assisted by telemedicine professionals,medical scribes, medical social workers, counsellors , home-care  and mobile-conveyance personnel.